Bormioli Luigi: falconeria
There are different factors to be considered when it’s about choosing a supplier.
Firstly they have to make a punctual evaluation of the exclusive expertises and the specific know-how of the glassmaker, elements themselves significant yet (enough) to affect the choice: they have then to take into consideration the price ranges, the available capacity and the production lead-time… Furthermore, there is something left yet…something more subtle, an element they can’t define or measure, and discriminant in the meanwhile.. We are referring to the trustworthiness of the supplier.
Actually, when the contract is signed, the project is only on a piece of paper, and at that time the object of the contract is a commitment to doing, doing something new, original, something that hasn’t been ever realized before, involving all the imaginable consequences of the case. We only sell our image, our commitment, our willingness. From that moment onward, the client starts investing in his plan (the development and the purchase of other product components, the scheduling of the promotional and advertising campaign supporting the launch, commitments on dates and deadlines), basing those activities only on a mere promise, the promise of feasibility of his artwork and that any effort will be deployed by the glassmaker preventing or solving any problem that could arise during the working process.
Bormioli Luigi has built a solid history on its reliability and trustworthiness, which has grown over the years. It engineers actually more than 100 new projects every year, giving each one of them its utmost attention, because we are truly aware that for every customer there is only one existing project, their project.
That is why Bormioli Luigi’s has become, year after year, a continuing success story.