Bormioli Luigi: falconeria
These two fragrances are part of an integrated fashion line which also includes watches, the traditional business of this luminous Italian brand, as well as stainless steel jewellery, that is particularly trendy at this moment.
The perfumery line consists of men’s and women’s fragrances, using the same glass bottle, yet adorned with different decorations and accessories, in a creation where the back panel of the first becomes the front panel of the second, allowing a presentation in the image of ‘twin bottles’.
The bottle has an irregular shape, even if it is also geometrical and stylish. It incorporates plain and rounded surfaces, always wide and bright, giving the sense of purity and modernism. A metallic accessory, featuring the cap, is inserted across the glass bottle, completing the cold, modern style of the ensemble and reminding of one of the styles of the stainless steel jewellery collection of the brand
Under a technical point of view, the most challenging issue to overcome was to reach the desired external shape and straight glass distribution, considering the outlying positioning of the neck, through which the glass mass is blown.
Surfaces are wide and brilliant, perfectly smooth, allowing for a perfect spraying of the bottle. Additionally we should not forget the rigid tolerances imposed in glass production in order to enable a perfect fit of the plastic accessories which cross the bottle from the top to the base.
The female version is produced in flint glass enriched by a glossy metallic charm, while the male version is lacquered in a brilliant black and crossed by a matt silver accessory. The ‘Breil’ logo gives the final touch to the fragrance bottles.
year of launch:
Open Mind
30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml – man 50 ml, 100 ml