Bormioli Luigi: falconeria
Completing the range of the most classical Bulgari perfume line, this last ‘Rose Essentielle’ represents the extreme sophistication of this concept, targeting a very exclusive woman who wants to be elegant, seductive and discrete at the same time. Such is this perfume bottle. Shaped in a delicate rose colored glass, whose purity and brightness are pushed to the extreme, the oval base retains a perfectly smooth and straight-line thickness of glass. The roundness of the bottle lines, suddenly cut by two sharp and flat panels, breaks the rhythm of this characteristic and unique bottle, suggesting an interpretation of the feminine décolleté.
Technically, once the difficulties engendered by such a radical design, due to stringent weight to height ratio, were overcome, the glassmaker has been called to respect minimum tolerances for the edge that, all around the neck, hosts and fits the plastic ring which covers the pump, in an aesthetically successful solution. The dispenser is completely hidden by the imposing and heavy golden stopper, which leans on the ring and spread at the top, presenting the most traditional Bulgari house classic engraved finishing.
A discrete black silkscreen printing on the main face completes this elegant and distinguished fragrance.
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