Bormioli Luigi: falconeria
After the launch, three years ago, of ‘Apparition’, which, through its originality and innovative appearance, marked a milestone in the success of the fashion designer on the perfumery market, along comes a new creation which reconfirms the ongoing dynamism of the brand. Ungaro is simply the name of the fragrance, characterized by the original ‘U’ shaped bottle and by its amber colour, which glitters with shiny reflections when hit by sun rays. This new product truly fits all the characteristics needed to success on the market.
The bottle grows upward from an irregular, broad ‘U’ shaped base, widening the profile and thinning the thickness of the glass walls at its height. At the top the walls join the shoulder, whose ‘U’ shape is here thinner and wider than at the base. The shoulder supports the plastic cap, fitted on a flat edge that contours a pronounced plinth allowing a perfect sealing. This stopper is built in a transparent plastic in the same colour shade than the glass. It also hosts in an inside hollow the head of the dispenser pump.
The bottle is enhanced by the brand logo, here directly dug on the rear wall, the way to be readable from the main side. The optical deformation of the engraving due to lens effect of the fragrance gives rise to a decorative result.
From the glassmaker point of view, this bottle presented a lot of constraints to overcome. The shape itself is hardly coping with the glass blowing technique, given the respectable distance of the corners from the neck, through which the blowing is applied, causing troubles to the glass firstly to be loaded and then to stretch towards the extremities.
The original and irregular shape of the bottle pushed the engineers to fit the cavity in a non-conventional way inside the full metal body of the mold, allowing its opening, and having to manage with a fine-tuned process the cooling of both tooling and bottle. Once the mechanical problems were overcome, it was up to the chemists to fight their challenge. The colour chosen was for first time produced in glassmaking process. It has been expressly reached through the setting-up of unique frits, conceived by our technicians. Their combination and stabilization for production was critical, given their more than proportional reaction to minimum variation in their percentages.
The result achieved is a smooth, brilliant walls bottle, where the glass distribution is flowing and no tooling parting lines are visible, sealed in a delicate amber shade enriching of light glitters under the sun rays.
year of launch:
Emanuel Ungaro
Sylvie de France
Ferragamo Parfums
5 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, 90 ml