Bormioli Luigi: falconeria
The return on the perfumery scene of Revlon is marked by the launch of ‘Flair’, eau de parfum for woman. It looks sober and elegant at the same time, champagne colour dressed, presented in a tall and slender bottle, as if it representing the female figure in an evening dress.
The bottle is drawn around three circular sections: the base, the shoulder and a third circle, at about two thirds of the height, marking a thinning in the bottle, reminding one of a woman’s waist line. Only one seamless vertical wall shapes the bottle, embellished by parallel straight engraving, diagonally joining the base from the top. This testifies to a simple yet elegant ornamental solution, which confers to the creation a unique personality.
The bottle is surmounted with a golden sealing ring, set on the shoulder, which works both as functional and as decorative element. Actually on one hand it bears the plastic cap resuming the decorative model of the bottle; on the other it features the engraved logo of the brand and, once removed the cap, it discloses its entire shape, consisting in an upper part with the shape of a nut, containing the head of the dispensing pump.
The engineering of this bottle presented many intricacies, having to cope with the hardly compatible issues of an extreme brilliance and smoothness of the surfaces and the original shape, marked all around by engraved lines, whose realization would impose the adoption of a complex tooling system.
year of launch:
House design team
15 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml