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Costume National Homme
A few years after the launch of the first fragrance for woman, Costume National is back in perfumery to present us its first fragrance for men, ‘Homme’.
The bottle design recalls the original shape of the feminine one, retaining some distinguishing features and consequently reinforcing the brand personality and awareness.
Here the bottle profile is taller and roughly squared, reminding of a manly shape. To obtain this handy bottle, it seems that the designer, starting from the base of a squashed parallelepiped whose edges are well rounded, had pushed the centre of the bottle with his thumbs, keeping its perimeter with the other fingers. The result is that the two glass faces are coherently deformed, the front one concave and the rear convex.
The overall look is gentle and refined. The thin mass of glass used allow to appreciate the continuous varying camber of the edges, crowning in an absolute original design. No parting lines are visible. The bottle is then personalized with a simple yet elegant platinum logo, and topped by a small chromed cap, almost in an effort to keep a minimalist styling.
From the glassmaker point of view, a similar shape is very far from the normal capabilities of the equipments, and it took a lot of the man skills to have the glass blown with aesthetical coherence inside the bottle. Very often indeed the apparently simplest shapes are the most hard to reproduce in glassmaking.
year of launch:
Costume National
Beauty San
50 ml., 100 ml.