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3121 Prince
The launch on the market of Prince’ first fragrance is a remarkable event for the perfumery world. He uses the name and the logos of one of his most famous brands, ‘3121’, for such a debut.
The bottle, shaped from a consistent mass of glass, shows a faceted look, carved as they usually do for jewels.
The main face is covered with gold, where, carved on it, the signature ‘3121’ appears glittering from the purple fragrance shadings. Actually the fragrance colour itself is a personalization element, because that purple colour chosen refers to an established Prince universe.
The golden dispensing pump and the transparent plastic cap, bearing the same glass ornamental pattern, complete the characterization of the fragrance bottle.
The many facets of the bottle are polished and shiny, and their planarity is exalted by the sharp edges that contour them, where no parting lines affect their aesthetical perfection. In order to achieve this result, some particular tooling solutions were required, specifically on the blowing molds level, involving some particular technical challenges, which only a premium glassmaker’s expertise can overcome.
year of launch:
Design LLC
7ml, 15 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml