Bormioli Luigi: falconeria
The latest addition in Boss’ woman’s perfumes collection is simply called ‘Boss’. The feminine interpretation of the design is clearly intelligible by the shape of the bottle, where a series of jewels are put in a line, contoured and enclosed by a shiny metallic band, which encapsulates the precious content.
The chromatic contrast between the cold metal finishing and the warmth of the bottle is entrusted to a coloured glass, whose shading goes from rose to orange.
The overall outline of the creation consists of a tall, geometrical bottle developed upon a small and squared base.
The facets that sculpt the shape of the gems are smooth and clean, well defined by sharp edges.
The first jewel at the base of the bottle is solid, meaning that the glass fills it completely..
This accomplishment presented several issues to overcome for the glassmaker.
Such a tall and narrow shape easily tends to incline, jeopardizing the stability of the bottle. We needed to limit the usual dimensional tolerances used in the field, assuring the complete verticality of the bottle.
Furthermore, the finishing adopted, namely the metallic band which contours the profile, winding the glass through the base, was a threat for the stability of the bottle. Considering that the design required a smooth glass profile, where no recess could be added to host the metal, and knowing that the tolerances involved in the metal stitching are larger than in glass blowing, the precision of the making had to be absolute, preventing any failure.
A logo engraved onto the metallic band and then a plastic stopper representing the same ornamental motifs featured in the bottles complete this nice and original fragrance bottle.
year of launch:
Hugo Boss
P & G Prestige Beauté
30 ml, 50 ml, 75 ml