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Grigioperla Essence
The new fragrance in Grigioperla line, the men’s brand from the renowned Italian lingerie house for woman, turns up in a stylish bottle characterized by the dark green color of the glass contrasting with the platinum accessories.
The bottle has a pretty oval shape, where the sides are cut and defined by plane facets. The rear wall features a number of sharp engraved lines, looking like a piece of garment. On the smooth front wall, the logo of the brand is silk screen printed in platinum.
The bottle is crowned by a chromed dispensing system that leans on a well-matched support hiding the glass shoulder.
The ensemble is made of a few and essential lines, but however shows a sober elegance and an inner personal character.
Under a technical point of view, original solutions were applied to enable the tooling opening, due to the presence of dig shoulders and sharp vertical edges. The respect of strict tolerances was another constraint that proved the ability of our skilled glass technicians.

year of launch:
50 ml.,100 ml.