Bormioli Luigi: falconeria
True is the latest addition in American Eagle men’s fragrances range. Immediately at a glance the look of the bottle reveals the consumer it is targeted for: the young and sporty, dynamic man.
The bottle is solid, a rectangular container where the pureness of the glass melts with the cold energy of the steel and the technical yet enjoying touch of the black rubber.
Under a technical point of view, this making presented many constraints to overcome. Is it done with a heavy mass of glass, whose behavior would suit more rounded shapes; nonetheless this bottle features very small details to be carved in the glass surfaces, namely the rough side wall.
The squared yet embroidered shape imposed the adoption of a complex and tricky molding system. This ensures the exact interpretation and cleanliness of the edges and facets, in order for the special silver spray superposed to achieve a mirror-like effect, through the inside of the back glass panel. Indeed this remarkable achievement allows the back, sprayed silver panel, to stay opaque, while allowing the inside of the same panel the shiny reflection, through which the dark grey front logo to actually be seen twice: on the front panel where the screening took place, and, through the inside back panel, where it’s full reflection can be seen clearly, as if through a mirror.
The bottle is finally completed by a black logo standing on the glass face and it is topped by a round and imposing stopper, made of a chromed body coated with black rubber.
Undoubtedly a men’s object.
year of launch:
American Eagle
American Eagle Outfitters
50 ml.