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Sexi little things noir - VICTORIA'S SECRET
The latest addition to Victoria Secret’s collection of perfume products is a really significant testimony of how much quality and excellent marketing can enhance a new product, whose main glass component is actually a stock bottle. The end result is a sophisticated, yet sexy fragrance package, whose inclusion of several customized decorating processes give it its strong personality and high class allure.
The bottle shape, fondly referred to by our customer as “toast”, is made of two very flat front and back surfaces whose outer edges are rounded and softened (much like a piece of toast bread!), and it is this unique outline that gives a stock bottle a very custom feel and look.
The glass bottle was produced in feeder black color, and, in addition to a very small silk screening on the bottom of the front panel, the main decoration theme is the dramatic label applied on the middle of this front panel. The total effect gives the bottle an aura of a retro look and feel, while the opulent black, corded, bulb atomizer, adds the final dramatic touch to this baroque recreation of sober elegance and style.
Our technical challenge in production was actually one relating to black feeder color, since particular attention needed to be paid to glass surface quality, and flatness, as any anomalies from total perfection in both, will be easily detected in a black feeder production.
The distribution of the glass inside, along the walls, follow regularly the profile, except at the base, where the design requires an arched outline.
This elegant package demonstrate how it is possible to develop a strong personality design based on a stock bottle, when the quality of the components is at the state of the art and the development is accurate.
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Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret
50 ml.