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Perry Ellis
The latest addition in Perry Ellis’s range is a feminine fragrance connoted by a traditional yet elegant and sophisticated packaging. The glass bottle recalls the ancient ‘onion shaped’ ampoules, where the personal touch is given by the engraving that carve the edges of the quasi squared horizontal plan. The creation is characterized by the brilliance of the glass, exalted by the pale transparency of the fragrance and the golden color of the logo and the accessories, namely the pump head, the collar and the lace running around it and buckled by a pearl.
The glassmaker ensured a perfect making of the package, caring about avoiding any production seams. Special solutions were settled in order to overcome the traces of parison blowing as well as for the parting lines.
The final result is a very clean package reminding one of a jewel.
year of launch:
Falic Fashion Group
50 ml., 100 ml.