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GANT Silver
This creation for the men from Gant is characterized by a strong integration between materials, glass and plastic mainly. We can say that here the glass is the base allowing the plastic to fit upon it. The design takes shape from the contrast between the upper and external part in plastic, looking brushed and silver, and the lower and internal part in glass, shiny and dark blue. A very original and modern look for this perfume, well in touch with the image of the brand.
Under a technical point of view, some constraints came in obtaining a defect free glass surface, requiring the adoption of complex solutions in terms of final tooling configuration.
An additional technical constraint was resolved by our ability to tightly control tolerances which were of utmost importance in order for glass and plastic components to work well together. Once again, the cobalt blue feeder production, which tends to accentuate any and all defects on glass, needed to be run very carefully, in order to ensure a perfect final yield for this very select, but high end European launch for the prestige men’s name in fashion.
year of launch:
Gant mens'
Elizabeth Arden
Elizabeth Arden
40 ml, 75 ml