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Ambre Gris - Balmain
This year novelty from Balmain is a long-awaited reinterpretation of one of the most famous and controversial raw s used in perfumery, the Ambre Gris, at last.
The package chosen lives up to such expectations. The glass bottle looks like an imposing cube, shaped in a heavy mass of glass, where the wide facets are incredibly smooth and brilliant. The edges that join the walls are well defined, almost sharp, and the corners, also, show a similar, precise outline.
A considerable thickness of glass is placed at the base and along the walls, smooth and seamlessly even at the junction between horizontal and vertical masses.
The shoulder is flat and clean: no parting lines are visible and the mastered glass distribution is clearly present, also from the top view of the bottle. An imposing golden collar, rests on a roped neck and is topped by a faceted, and very opulent golden cap.
The bottle is sprayed in a transparent middle grey color, conferring an austere elegance to the whole, and exalting the white label fitted in the center of the main face, according to an established perfumery tradition.
year of launch:
Selective Beauty
40 ml, 75 ml, 100 ml