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Kelly Calèche-Hermès
The newest creation among Hermès fragrances dedicated to women, Kelly Calèche, reminds of the whole heritage of products of this prestigious House. From the renown and very successful handbag of the sixties, to the house symbol, whose name inspired the first perfume for woman of the Maison, various details characterize the image of the this package, most notably the closure of the bottle, inspired by the lantern of the traditional Hermès calash.
The perfume glass bottle looks prestigious and traditional, reminding of an old treasure chest. It is shaped from a heavy mass of glass. Both the ensemble as a whole, and its’ individual details give the idea of consistency, tradition and refined elegance. The base is squared, the bottle raises almost to the top like a cube, where finally the vertical edges bent toward the neck, rounding the shoulder. The edges themselves are characterized by soft radii, making the bottle comfortable to the touch. There’s a remarkable mass of glass distributed at the base and along the walls, making the shape of the internal cavity looking like a drop, an inspiration of traditional design for this classical bottle. The brilliance of the glass and the purity of the realization witnesses of the class and prestige of this object. No mold seams are visible as they are hidden along bottle edges.
The logos of the house and the name of the perfume are both screen printed with discretion on the same face in black ink.. The only evident detail is the plastic cap, made of a sliding mechanism that allows the outside part of the stopper to drop and let the dispenser pump disclose. An achievement in line with the expectations of the Hermès connoisseurs.
year of launch:
Hermès Parfums
30 ml