Bormioli Luigi: falconeria
This is the first venture in the perfumery market for the Swiss luxury brand, which presents fragrances both for men and women. Three are the perfume bottles created and launched, two for women (edt and edp) and one for the men.
The concept of the three lines is the same, while it is well developed and declined in different shapes and sizes.
The circle is the shape for the women, the square is for men. All the bottles share the choices of a slim depth. Women’ are a section of a cylinder, so they have two main faces perfectly rounded, with a very tiny plinth as base. Man bottle presents two wide square faces. Starting from this point, the designer has worked to give the bottles the same connotation. The sign of identification and belonging to the growing luxury House is the ‘torque’ necklace, taken after a Celtic tradition, characterized by coiled cables. This pattern is applied on the side walls of all the bottles.
A second design mark is a window engraved on both the main facets of the bottles, shaped according to the main face, which houses the brand signature.
Eventually, the surface treatments complete the look of the perfume bottles. An alternation of polished and sandblasted surfaces characterizes these bottles and contributes in strengthening the recognition of the range.
The glasswork achievement, made of brilliant surfaces, linear glass distribution and perfect fitting between polished and mat surfaces, complete the look of the products, whose quality is undoubtedly in line with the luxury house assets
year of launch:
5 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml