Bormioli Luigi: falconeria
Guerlain Homme
The new mens’ fragrance by Guerlain, the historical French perfume House, was borne through an exceptional partnership with the designer of the package, the Italian Designer Pininfarina. The result of this collaboration takes shape through an imposing, yet stylish glass bottle, characterized by pure and essential lines, which, in the end, give rise to a highly recognizable creation with a strong personality.
The overall shape is a traditional, rectangular based bottle, where the profile of the two main panels is a bit prominent and rounded. It is formed by a relevant mass of glass, shaped by sharp edges, whose character is reinforced by the straight glass columns in which the glass distribution dominates, both at the base and along the vertical walls.
The bottle is topped by a transparent plastic cap, hollow in the center, allowing it to house the oval and solid shiny dispenser pump.
The original and distinguishing touch consists in a polished metal plate applied on the main panel, covering it completely, featuring a slight bump, recalling the hood of a sports car, which express at a glance the belonging to the men of the world.
The manufacture of the bottle and the assembling of the accessories are impeccable. Ultimate precision with glass tolerances, with respect to the other components which make up this imposing package, was achieved and respected throughout the development and production. Glass panels are quite brilliant, and not even the least trace of glue is noticeable following the application of the metal plate.
A true work of perfection.
year of launch:
Guerlain Homme
Paolo Pininfarina
Guerlain Paris
5 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, 80 ml