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Black xs-Paco Rabanne
Black XS pour elle is a story telling of provocation, since it holds and matches in itself the signs of a classic and almost baroque tradition with the modernity and the sex appeal of the personalizations and colours used, namely the red rose standing out in relief on a background shading to black.
The glass bottle raises and spreads from a small oval base, whose edge is bold and sharp, in a fairly flattened shape, which reminds one ancient vase. In the upper part it shrinks forming the neck, over hung by an imposing octagonal plinth, where a black solid plastic cap coordinated with the same geometric pattern towers above it.
The front of the bottle is dominated by a rose in relief, well detailed and engraved with accuracy, which confers personality to the creation. The perfume logo, in gothic fonts, standing above is so close to the flowers that they needed to use a tampographic technique to perform it. The final look of the bottle is obtained through a double layer spraying, which, from the plane red of the centre shades to black both at the base and the top.
The carrying out of this bottle has required the exploitation of the whole know how of the glassmaker, given the abrupt changes of the volumes and thicknesses, affecting the smooth cooling of the glass. A difficult fine-tuning has been reached in the end, as the final harmonious shape stands to prove.
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Paco Rabanne
Paco Rabanne
30 ml, 50 ml, 80 ml