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Le Parfum-Max Mara
The latest creation of Max Mara, the well known Italian fashion house, is presented in a footless bottle, whose rounded and lengthened form remind of a heart shape , or a lethal dagger. These two concepts come together to reflect the warmth and sensuality as well as powerful sophistication of the modern day woman.
The colours chosen represent female elegance and refinement: the brilliance of the transparent glass combines with the silver logo and the chromed stopper, with the pearl grey of the ribbon which runs alongside the whole bottle and finally with the rose color of the fragrance.
A bright and refined result, in line with the sober and elegant image of the brand.
From a technical point of view, this accomplishment turned out to be challenge for the glassmaker, especially to achieve the requested glass distribution on the tip of a footless bottle. The solution adopted was a controlled blowing technique, where the implication with the parting lines were accurately managed in order to make them nearly invisible.
The resulting bottle has thin and flat walls, contrasting with the progressive thickening of the glass toward the point.
Again, the ribbon that runs all along the bottle is hosted in a depression of the glass, whose digging imposed the adoption of particular and tricky solutions in terms of molding.
Nonetheless with the many constraints this project presented, the final achievement is a bright and clean bottle, whose harmony and elegance disguise the technology contents it is made of.
year of launch:
Thierry de Baschmakoff
Selective Beauty
30 ml, 50 ml, 90 ml