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BELIEVE by Britney Spears
‘Believe’ is the new fragrance signed by Britney Spears, presented in a modern and distinguishing packaging, enhanced by both the carton box and the glass bottle. The fragrance bottle, indeed, appears, at a glance, complex, and multi-faceted, like a diamond. Its design is developed from a cube, successively cut through its sides, resulting in the end in this jewel-looking bottle, which combines flat and brilliant panels marked by sharp edges, whose reflections are enhanced by the pale green colour of the molten glass.
The pattern of the triangle recurs repeatedly on this bottle: at the base, the shoulder, the walls and it also defines the imposing surlyn cap which tops the creation.
A depression is dug on the whole shoulder, allowing a silver plate, engraved with the brand logo, to fit on it, and bearing at its center a ring which hosts and hides the mechanism of the dispensing pump. The head of the pump is housed in a hollow at the center of the transparent stopper which tops the bottle.
The overall look is an imposing, faceted jewel that blossoms and spreads from a small base. Facets are plain and shiny, sculpted by tough edges.
Creating this package has required an immense amount of technical skill and know how, and it was a gamble that no other glass maker wanted to make. We accepted for the sake of an important client and our profession and we won!.
Any aspect, in this bottle, is at the opposite of any accepted rule in this work. The base would be too small to masking the counter blowing seams, the side walls would be too defined to hiding parting lines, the perfectly flat shoulder has imposed the adoption of very complex tooling solutions (usually involving unevenness on the surfaces). Nevertheless, the job is done, and is here for all to admire! Hats off!
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Britney Spears
Cheryl Mendelsohn-Elizabeth Arden
Elizabeth Arden
12 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml