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ANGE OU DEMON by Givenchy
The latest perfume line in Givenchy’s range draws inspiration from the eternal dualism between light and darkness, transparency and mystery, Ange ou Demon (Angel or Devil) at last.
This design of the bottle represents this conflict and even this seductive temptation. It is inspired by a water drop, in its pure symbolization, and it is cut like a crystal drop. Facets are well marked and geometrically shaped, but it is clearly evident in the inside of the bottle that the glass distribution recalls that of a water drop.
The accomplishment of the narrative dynamic is enabled by the decoration chosen , consisting in a softening spraying which goes from the complete transparency of the base to the full darkness of the top and the surmounting spray cap.
A chain of plastic pearls resembling crystal drops falls elegantly from the top of the bottle along its side, and a tiny logo is silkscreen printed close to an edge, almost hiding the struggling doubt: Ange ou Demon?
The glass creation is placed this time at the service of the narrative metaphor. All the glass details are graceful and thorough, from the outer walls, bright and flat, exalted by marked edges, to the well defined shoulder, which allows an accurate fitting with the cap, and lastly to the inner glass distribution, rounded and smooth. A work of balance and precision.
year of launch:
Serge Mansau
Parfums Givenchy
50 ml.