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Femme - MontBlanc
A new fragrance, simply called “Femme”, now enhances even more the range of women’s lines at Mont Blanc. The perfume glass package conveys immediately the idea of preciousness. A jewel shaped bottle is embedded in a classical, rectangular perfume bottle shape. None of the two different shapes affect the other, safeguarding the purity of the lines.
The two objects share the same neck: all the others details belong to absolutely separate stories.
The rectangular based bottle which hosts the jewel shape has brilliant and smooth faces defined by sharp edges. The thickness of the glass is imposing and its distribution geometrically perfect. The facets spreading from the center of the bottle are sculpted by sharp edges and feature the same mass of glass as the rest of the bottle. The glass thickness, absolutely consistent all around the border, draws the outline of the famous Mont Blanc logo, when viewed from the top.
Finally, a platinum screen printing marks with the Mont Blanc logo the main side of the bottle.
A very flat shoulder allows an optimal fit with the surlyn closure, which hosts the top of the dispenser pump.
From a technical point of view, the realization of this package contained many challenges. The brilliance of the walls, the homogeneous distribution of the glass and the definition of the edges were in contrast with the weight to capacity ratio, mainly in the smaller capacities. The cleanliness of the outline needed the adoption of special solutions concerning the tooling. The result, however, solidifies our capabilities as a world renown glass manufacturer ready to take on even the most challenging fragrance projects.
year of launch:
Nice Ltd
P & G
30 ml, 50 ml, 75 ml