Bormioli Luigi: falconeria
Undoubtedly the inspiration for the shape of this bottle was found in the ‘b’ letter of the Byblos logo. The taller part is represented by the plastic cap, in the same uncolored transparency as in the flint bottle glass, which hosts the dispenser, molding together the glass and plastic, at first sight.
The bottle has a semi-circular shape, as if we sliced a cylinder and then again, flattening a bit the round shape just to create a base for the bottle to stand up.
Its particularity consists in the positioning of the neck, radically shifted aside, close to the shoulder edge. This original design solution encountered many technical complications on the production line. How were we to achieve a symmetrical glass distribution on a bottle which was designed in an asymmetrical shape? Moreover, how were we to realize the requested perfect flatness of the main walls, expressly required to enable a correct decoration effect? A successful challenge.
The decorations are constituted by the ‘Byblos’ logo, screen printed in red ink, contoured by a special color-changing, soft touch, raised resin label representing the ‘b’ letter of the logo.
This bottle also challenged our tooling know how, which required very specific technical solutions, in order to allow homogeneous cooling of glass in the production process.. The new Byblos fragrance package is really a testimonial of Bormioli Luigi’s many different technical and production capabilities coming to culmination in a superb, high end product.
year of launch:
40 ml, 75 ml