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Everlasting Love - TOVA
The imposing bottle chosen by Tova for her ‘Everlasting Love’ pushes to the limit in the trend currently followed by perfume bottle designers whereby the weight of the bottle is much more significant than is technically “allowed” for a certain capacity..
This bottle is built on a square base, where a huge mass of glass is concentrated, from which the four thick walls lift up and broaden, linking to the very flat shoulder. The stylish touch that gives personality to this design consists in the fluted vertical patterns that cover the whole walls, giving rise to an indented profile of the whole bottle.
The bottle closure is a glass cap, which follows the same fluted design as the bottle, and which crowns the ensemble, both in it’s beauty and technical achievement..
The dispensing pump is hosted in the interior of the glass cap, where an invisible plastic ring ensures the fit between the glass cap and collar. The silver metallized collar is engraved with the name of the fragrance.
The final touch to the bottle is given by our special cold end thermolustre decoration, which perfectly mimics this same process in hot end production, giving our bottle a pearly and iridescent look, in a rainbow of colors that change their hues, depending on how sun’s rays are hitting the glass bottle.
On a closing note, with this package, as with others we have developed in the recent past,, we can attest to our strength in the engineering and production of glass caps, which has become a recognized glassworks technology , allowing our clients to customize and enhance their products..
year of launch:
Chad Lavigne
50 ml