Bormioli Luigi: falconeria
The shape of this clever perfume bottle line emanates from the very soul of the brand origin. All the details let us imagine a woman’s shoe! The glass bottle, in this case, plays the role of the perfect base in hosting personalized accessories, like the red plastic shim under the glass base or the red and black plastic lace on the shoulder. Many sticking notches were formed in the glass to hold in place and assemble the plastic accessories: here the respect of stringent tolerances had a crucial importance, allowing a proper fitting of the components.
From an aesthetical point of view, the bottle presents a glass distribution perfectly aligned to the external profile, and the wide walls are extremely clean and brilliant.
Under a technical point of view, we have to point out the complexity involved in a correct glass distribution, particularly in the shoulder edges, due to the shift between the neck of the bottle and the slanting shoulder. Also to be noticed the lack of any molding seam all along the glass surface.
A deep red two-passes silk-screen printing, producing the look of Japanese lacquer, signs the bottle with the “F by Ferragamo” logo.
year of launch:
Sylvie de France
Ferragamo Parfums
5 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, 90 ml