Bormioli Luigi: falconeria
The latest version of Silver Shadow, a man’s fragrance line in Davidoff range, is Altitude. With the aim of carving and reinforcing an easily recognizable personality, Altitude bottle goes by the style of the first perfume bottle, featuring the same distinctive signs, although proportions, colors and graphics have been updated. Here we are in front of a solid and heavy glass block, built on a narrow and long rectangular base, with flat vertical walls joining the shoulder. The distinguishing marks are represented by the two rounded edges on top of the main faces, joining with the shoulder, in opposition with the style of the rest of the edges, which are all sharp. Moreover, the thin and flat engraved lines that run from the bottom of the minor panels up to the walls and the shoulder until the neck characterize the whole. A solid aluminum cap covers the dispenser pump and tops the bottle.
The aerial inspiration of this package is given to the bottle by the blue color of the fragrance and the shiny transparency of the glass as well as the silver color of the cap.
There were many technical constraints to overcome during the development. In spite of the heavy weight and the narrow base of this bottle, the great brilliance and smoothness of the glass surfaces, the homogeneous distribution of the glass at the base and the shoulders attest perfectly to the consistency of glassmaking know-how. The carving in the middle of the bottle required the adoption of special molding solutions and involved many complications during the cooling phases for both glass and tooling. Finally the tolerances to observe, particularly in the area of the neck, were really strict, in order to allow a perfect fitting between glass and the plastic ring covering the pump and supporting the stopper.
year of launch:
Davidoff Silver Shadow
Alnoor Design
Fragrance Production – Coty Group
5 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml