Bormioli Luigi: falconeria
The newborn in Valentino fragrances lines is “Rock’n’Rose”, and is this time aimed at a younger woman, veering from the traditional Italian fashion designer target. The rock and roll spirit is the soul inside the external appearance of elegance and style which characterizes the new Valentino woman.
The bottle chosen to play this role is as simple in the concept as difficult to manufacture. It is a perfect sphere, with a very small base, opposite to the neck. No mold seams are visible and the glass surface is absolutely smooth. An imposing weight of glass has been chosen to enrich the bottle: most of that is visible at the base, while all along the walls the thickness is absolutely regular. The positioning of silk screen printing, centered between mold seams, was achieved without the necessity of adding deco lugs on bottom surface, which would tend to be magnified by a bottle of this shape.
Under a technical point of view, there has been a lot of constraints to overcome. The crucial factor has been the definition of the correct working temperatures, because on one hand the consistent mass of glass at the base could affect the symmetry of the bottle during the production handling, and on the other the brilliance and smoothness of the surfaces had to be a major issue in such a regular shape. The end result was satisfactory from both an aesthetical and functional point of view, as no compromise was needed to ensure that all the goals were completely met.
year of launch:
P & G Prestige Beauté
30 ml, 60 ml, 90 ml