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TOKIO by Kenzo
The latest contribution of well reputed Japanese fashion designer to the male perfume world is ‘Tokyo’. It is inspired by the nightlife look of the town, dazzling by its lights and colours, stunning by its sounds and noises, maybe driving the occasional visitor crazy, but nevertheless unperturbed and poetic.
The designer managed to convey these feelings into the new creation, starting from a classical Kenzo heritage, the rounded and smooth glass bottle originally coming from a free interpretation of the bamboo tree, and upsetting its traditional values, dressing it again with techno and nearly syncopated clothes.
The glass bottle, whose surface is absolutely polished, without any parting seams, is covered with a sheath, applied by a state-of-the-art sublimation, representing the darkness of a black Tokyo night, only torn by coloured flashes of lightning. The bottle is topped by a coordinated black spray cap, which completes the ensemble preserving the singleness of the body.
From a technical point a view, particular attention has been paid to ensure the smoothness and the polishing of the surface, because the final treatment of the glass would not have allowed any irregularity. Once achieved this first requirement, the glassmaker has been called to a further challenge, consisting in the correct setting of the film bearing the drawing to stitching on the glass. The goal was the lack of any trace of starting or arresting point on the bottle, to be reached working with mechanical equipments at industrial speed.
The final result witnesses of the glassmaker’ know-how level, and the degree of flexibility and innovation that the glass industry is capable of offering today.
year of launch:
Kashiwa Sato
L.V.M.H.-Kenzo Logistique
30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml